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Light and darkness

11 November, 2016 (20:24) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

What an utterly miserable year this has been. This is why I have not been with you these many months, and am unlikely to be around much for the time being – I find it really quite overwhelming to share a world with such awfulness, and this week has been yet another celebration of rednecked […]

Goodbye and good riddance

21 March, 2016 (20:52) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

SINCE Friday, I’ve been trying to imagine what it must be like to contemplate a life in which you are looking up, up at Iain Duncan Smith on the moral high ground. How cataclysmic a shambles do you have to have made of your humanity to be lectured on unfairness and inequality by Iain Duncan […]

Lights on, nobody in

14 March, 2016 (21:07) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

NOTHING displays the moral bankruptcy, corruption and inefficiency of the free market system better than our energy market. Everybody is in complete agreement – MPs of all parties, the regulator, consumer groups and, of course, the poor ripped-off customers – that electricity and gas customers of the big six companies created by the crazed privatisation […]

Sporting chance

7 March, 2016 (21:07) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

APPARENTLY, according to a few dozen highly-paid think pieces in a national press that may be bleeding readers but is still prepared to stump up for cliché and banality, apparently the Adam Johnson case exposes the seedy underbelly of football. No. No it doesn’t. How far does your head have to be up Rupert Murdoch’s […]

Late and lamentable

1 March, 2016 (22:42) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

THIS is what you would have read last night, except that its late and lamentably poor this week. For one, I’m almost too tired to be angry and for two, here, in the white heat of the Conservative government’s digital revolution, in a time when our leaders are busy enabling thrusting entrepreneurs, boosting business, giving […]

The devil and the deep blue sea

22 February, 2016 (23:59) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Here the devil, there the deep blue sea. Here the frying pan, there the fire. Here David Cameron and George Osborne. There Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith. Christ. What a choice. For the first time in my life I feel like not voting. I’m deeply opposed to the European Union –  not necessarily to […]

Don’t hunt Jeremy *unt

16 February, 2016 (00:05) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I disapprove very strongly of this demonising of Jeremy *unt. Come on, the lot of you: don’t pick on him. Because by picking on him, you’re singling him out as the problem and he’s not. The problem is the whole sickening cowardly bullying venal greedy filthy lot of them: to echo the words of Nye […]

Go on, give us a smile

8 February, 2016 (21:14) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

DO I know my zeitgeist or what? Last week I wrote about storms and this week? Storms. Big, wet, windy storms. I still quite like them. Backed into the bank beneath a chunky, wide-girthed oak this morning, as it bent to the gales and rain lashed horizontally past me and the dog, I rather enjoyed […]

Stormy weather and hypocrisy

1 February, 2016 (23:17) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I WILL tell you why I like storms. Whether you like it or not. I lay in bed the other night, up in my room at the top of the house, with a soft blue glow from the moon flashing on and off as clouds did their scudding in another south-westerly. The blue was enough […]

Yes, I was right. Again.

25 January, 2016 (20:50) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I HAVE banged on about the wretched failure that is British Telecom for years, and as ever, I was right. A cross-party group of MPs looked into the performance of this corrupt privatised monopoly. As you know, BT includes BT Openreach, which provides our telecoms network – and no matter who you choose to be […]