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Happy holidays

29 August, 2011 (12:10) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

This week is holiday week, so there’ll be no pith – back to normal (or as close as we can get) next Monday.

Look who’s woken up and smelt coffee

22 August, 2011 (13:20) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

After all these years of being casually dismissed as some sort of childish loony because of my hopelessly naïve and idealistic (never understood why ‘idealistic’ has come to be a pejorative term) left wing views, it seems I’m finally, at long, long, last, in good company. I’m very grateful indeed to Julian Coman in The […]

Breaking the Littlejohnometer

15 August, 2011 (12:54) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

AT least we now know what will awake the English middle classes and force out of their clenched lips something more than a mild, disapproving tut. Never mind unemployment, poverty, racism, famine: give the Daily Mail a bit of rioting and looting and the righteous indignation breaks the Littlejohnometer. Give them lawless, badly-dressed poor people, […]

Retro rioting: the new rock’n’roll?

8 August, 2011 (13:31) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Retro is the new rock’n’roll, they say, but I guess it’s got a little out of hand. Wars, debt crisis, the deification of greed and materialism, millions thrown out of work, tax cuts for the rich – it’s all part of David Cameron’s passion for the 1980s, obviously. But have we taken it just a […]

History lessons

1 August, 2011 (12:49) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

 Many years ago, on a rugby field Somewhere In England, I made full and frank allegations concerning the parentage and sexual preferences of a 19-stone prop forward who had just aimed his size 24 studs at my supine body as I lay helpless in the mud where he had recently hurled me. I repeated […]