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Saving Wales?

25 February, 2013 (14:59) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Here’s how bad it’s got here in England: the Welsh are offering us aid. Jeez. The Welsh Assembly is considering offering tax breaks to English people who move to what, by law, we are obliged to call the principality, even if we don’t believe in princes. I hope they’re very big tax breaks: it’s not […]

Funny business

18 February, 2013 (14:38) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

What a very funny business this all is. I’ve just spent two days clearing the garage we inherited more than a year ago when we moved in here. Four carloads of stuff have gone to the dump, where I queued with lots of other people. All of us were chucking into a giant hole in […]

Horse on the menu? Great!

11 February, 2013 (12:19) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I’m surprised people weren’t pleased to discover that some processed ready meals contained horse. Rightly or wrongly, I have always thought cheap supermarket ready meals contain the scrapings of any old sinew, bone and fat off the abbatoir floor all glued together with badgers’ vomit. The fact that a meal contained meat from a single […]

Roads to ruin

4 February, 2013 (13:06) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Welcome, then, to a brief change of scenery and a guest appearance from Brother Hamster, who has bravely seized the nettle and exercised his right to rant. The offer remains open to any of the others of you: have your say in a guest column. It’s good for you.  And now, over to Brother Hamster… YEARS […]