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A winter’s tale

25 March, 2013 (15:46) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

It is our anniversary, brothers and sisters. A year ago this very week, there began the winter of 2012-13. After a March heatwave, I took off my shorts (sorry for the attendant image), flung on the waterproofs and thermals and have been wearing them ever since, even in bed. For 12 months now the weather […]

Devils and dust

18 March, 2013 (17:23) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

This is how much I hate vacuum cleaners. If you put a vacuum cleaner and a George Osborne in front of me, and told me I could either smash the vacuum cleaner into tiny pieces with a lump hammer, or set fire to all George Osborne’s money, note by precious note, right in front of […]

Paving paradise

11 March, 2013 (15:49) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Lovely, today, looking out at the cold north wind scouring the trees, the birds stunt-flying, the daffodils nodding their bright defiant heads. The horses are tucked into the hedge and close together, sheltering from the wind; the cattle opposite have taken cover too. Of course, it would all look much better with a few dozen […]

Spirit of 45

4 March, 2013 (13:59) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

It’s not like me, I know, but I had a rant the other day. In the Post Office this time. Over the charges for passports. Again. I told the lady behind the counter, and the seething masses in the queue behind me, that near my desk hangs a picture of the Second World War aircraft […]