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Roadside rage

27 May, 2013 (13:35) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

There are many things that irritate me beyond measure, as you know. A short, stout fellow with a uniform brought another of them to mind last week as he slapped a parking ticket on the windscreen of my car. Unknown to anybody, Cornwall Council had taken it upon itself to change the designation of a […]

Time to Tufton up

20 May, 2013 (12:19) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Wonder why Boris Johnson’s gone quiet all of a sudden, while his fellow Conservatives discuss the sanctity of marriage? Bless them. They’re not very bright, the Tory faithful, are they? They certainly don’t have much of a grasp of modern history, just like their pitiful education secretary. I’m sure Brothers and Sisters of this place […]

Full time whistle

13 May, 2013 (16:05) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Who was this Sir Alex Ferguson, then? Charity fund-raiser? Medical researcher? A great teacher? A helper of the poor and downtrodden? The Queen Mother? A football manager? What? How do you manage a football team? “Look, lads: big net. Kick that ball in it”. Of course, everybody tells me there’s much more to being a […]

Our little secret

6 May, 2013 (10:12) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Like an arthritic, mangy old bear arising from its winter slumbers, the traditional wing of the Conservative Party stretches, yawns, scratches its wide backside, wipes the sleep from its blurred eyes and, in the same automatic way that a normal entity would reach for the kettle, starts coughing clichés. “Foreigners!” and “scroungers!” and “Europe!” start spewing […]