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Him and his big Grangemouth

28 October, 2013 (19:48) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Just as you begin to think the truth will be heard and fairness will find a way, what with the nation waking up to the scandalous profiteering of the energy companies and realising that the nation’s assets really shouldn’t have been handed over to an unscrupulous free market that puts profit above lives, along comes […]


21 October, 2013 (16:06) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I have a blockage. Not unusual in itself, and at my level of hackery it used to be instantly cureable by a quick thought about cash. This worked for more than 30 years. But today? Black and howling. The dog still recovering from her panic attacks of the storm-filled weekend, very clingy, though we managed […]

Me and my anorak

14 October, 2013 (15:41) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

Understandably, lots of people don’t get the history thing I do. Why am I such an anorak about it? Haven’t we got enough trouble with the present? Yes, true. But there is some rogue gene within me – it must, for the purposes of irony, be inherited – that is fascinated with the way we […]

15 minutes of… what?

7 October, 2013 (17:35) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

My mother had two slots, each longer than 15 minutes, when carers would call at her home, where she was dying, and help. It wasn’t even close to long enough. So my father tried to fill in the gaps in care, though he was in his late 70s. He wanted his wife of 49 years […]