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Deep in a dachshund’s doings

28 April, 2014 (20:37) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

When the family headed off for lunch with Grandpa Joe on Sunday, I settled down to a rare child-free day of work. I turned on the laptop, summoned up the demons that power the interweb, and poised the two fingers over the quivering keys. Nothing. Nada. No broadband. Again. A-fucking-gain. I could barely muster the […]

Down among the dead men

21 April, 2014 (19:29) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I have been down among the dead men and women today, cruising graveyards looking for family history relics for customers. Strange job, writing about history, isn’t it? I quite like communing with the dead. In Cornwall and West Devon, churches can still be quite remote. In Calstock, the only sound was the birdsong. In Bere […]

Thinkin’ about stuff

14 April, 2014 (12:28) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

As anybody who knows me will tell you, there is no shortage of things that make me angry. People who can’t reverse. Hospitals. The dawn chorus. Arguing children. Media scrums. Cruelty to animals. Bad manners. Michael Gove. Placing profit above happiness or the common good. Council tax. George Osborne. One Direction. The Voice. The England […]

No need to solve a problem like Maria

7 April, 2014 (19:05) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

As you all know, I believe in the concept of public service. Here, then, is this week’s public service to you, my brothers and sisters. Use it well : Dear Person Who Is Trying To Get Me To Pay For Something, You will note that I owe you a considerable amount of money (insert sum […]