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The day the music died?

29 June, 2015 (21:29) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

While the debate about the horrific violence engendered across the world by the religio-political divide between the right-wing Christian west and the Islamic middle East centred on poor English people sunning themselves on a Tunisian beach, more serious newspapers turned their focus upon Glastonbury. Now, if you want to hear people yelling ‘vagina’ loudly yet […]

Bees’ needs

22 June, 2015 (18:27) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

WITH a casual, contemptuous snip of his or her pincers, the Coconut Eating Crab has been about his or her work. The Crab, of course, is the malevolent deity that rules our fates on this lump of rock, tormenting us for his or her pleasure as an act of ironic cosmic revenge against his corporeal […]

Interest rates

15 June, 2015 (21:19) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

WE haven’t yet discussed the Labour leadership election, which is a shame because I know your interest in the contest is so very keen. I imagine Brothers and Sisters of this place talk of little else at the dinner table. For those of you who have not yet attained your level 3 NVQ in Irony: […]

The customer is always right. Right in it.

8 June, 2015 (21:01) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

ONCE, the customer was always right. I remember it. I was both customer and deliverer of goods to customer (in the form of newspapers) and I distinctly remember that the customer was always right. The customer was often a complete pain in the arse, but the rightness was beyond question. Now, our world has been […]

The stink of corruption

1 June, 2015 (21:01) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

NOTHING convinces me that we live in the age of the cretin so much as the cult of the head-hunter. In times of crisis, the media demands a head and when the head falls, the whole issue – the issue that’s totally unaddressed by the fall of the hapless dolt at the top of it […]