Cornish Routes – The history service

Welcome to Cornish Routes – here to help you research your family or property history.

A growing number of satisfied customers have found a beautifully written, illustrated and presented family or property history makes a record to treasure, and a very unusual gift.

My history service can range from free advice to a complete document. Obviously, I can’t upload clients’ stories, but as an example of my work here’s a part of my own family history:

Fraser family history June 2016

One client was happy for a copy of a property history completed for her to be donated to her local history society, the Newlyn Archive, so here it is:

antoine villa for newlyn archive

For people all over the world interested in their Cornish ancestry, I can help with some of the things you can’t do without travelling to Cornwall yourself. I can put your family history in the context of Cornwall’s history, and provide information on the communities in which your ancestors lived and worked. I can provide photographs of sites associated with your family history. And if you want to come and do some research on the ground, or visit sites associated with your family, I can help plan that too.

I am on the list of researchers compiled by the Cornwall Record Office in Truro.

I operate a transparent payment policy.  If there is no result (if I can’t find what you want me to find), you pay nothing bar any mileage costs (I don’t drive anywhere until you give permission to do so). There are full details under ‘charging’.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Your full family history
  • The history of your home
  • Searching local sources
  • Visiting sites / photography
  • Filling in the gaps / Problem solving  / Visit planning

Use the headings on the left for more detail on each of the above areas.

And if you’ve run up against a brick wall, faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem in your family history research that’s related to Cornwall, e-mail us. We will give you free advice on what we think you can try.