I charge £70 to resolve a single query. If I can’t resolve the query, there is no charge.

I charge £140 to provide a family history in which I trace your ancestry back to c1800 (roughly, your great-great-great grandparents back from all four of your grandparents).

I charge £140 to provide a history of your property.

Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates cost £9 for electronic copies from the General Register Office (where confidentiality rules allow), or for hard copies from individual area registries including in Plymouth and Cornwall, and I can obtain these for you if wished. I make no other charge for doing so.

If your query or history is complex, I will give you a free report on how much it will cost to fulfil your brief.

If travel is required, I charge 35p per mile. Before starting my car, I e-mail or phone to explain the reason for the journey, its duration, and ask whether or not you wish me to set off. Sometimes, printouts and photocopies from Record Offices (maps or wills, for example) seem a good idea, but I always ring or e-mail to check before spending around 40p a sheet.

I do not charge any other expenses.

You can pay electronically, or in the old-fashioned way by post.

Check the standard of our work

I’m happy to e-mail on request examples of the standard of my work and my dedication to accuracy – they are of our own family as I’m happy to put the information on the web. Clients’ information never goes anywhere but to the client. Please use the ‘Contacting us’ page to get in touch.