Don’t hunt Jeremy *unt

16 February, 2016 (00:05) | All articles | By: Stuart Fraser

I disapprove very strongly of this demonising of Jeremy *unt. Come on, the lot of you: don’t pick on him.

Because by picking on him, you’re singling him out as the problem and he’s not.

The problem is the whole sickening cowardly bullying venal greedy filthy lot of them: to echo the words of Nye Bevan, so far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.

With the junior doctors the Tories are doing exactly what they’re doing with the forced academisation of schools and what they’ve been doing to local authorities and what they’ve been doing by enforcing reforms on the health service: privatisation by the back door with de-unionisation thrown in as a bonus ball.

Neither junior doctors nor Jeremy *unt are the problem: the problem is the re-ordering of society for the benefit of the corporations who get contracts from the break-up of the health service, for the benefit of the business sponsors of private academies removed from democratic control.

Your society is being dismantled, bit by bit, and all we’re doing is booing and hissing at *unt as if he’s some sort of pantomime villain.

Don’t focus on *unt. Treat them all equally. They are exactly what happens when you let a bunch of sixth-formers loose, especially a bunch of private school sixth-formers. They’ve never had to live in the real world. Few of them have ever had a real job. Money has been the answer to everything in their lives since Mama and Papa packed them off to their fee-paying schools so they didn’t have to cope with the difficulties with which every other child has to deal.

Too thick to get a proper job, George? Don’t worry, Mama and Papa will make it better with their lovely money for you to inherit, all the more of it for not paying taxes.

Too much a failure to be able to buy your own home, Iain? Don’t worry, ma- and pa-in-law don’t want their daughter having to rub shoulders with poor people. Have a free house, old chap.

Don’t focus on *unt. He’s just the gurning fop thrust in front of the cameras by his giggling chums. The biggest story in the National Health Service last week wasn’t that simpering fool and his threat to impose a contract on junior doctors, it was the scum of GlaxoSmithKline who’d bought off competitors so they could continue to flog one of their anti-depressants at top-of-the-shop prices when its patent ran out. It’s pharmaceutical firms cashing in on the pain of millions at taxpayers’ expense who are more the enemy than Jeremy *unt.

All this tabloid pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey nonsense does exactly what your media masters want it to do: there’ll be an orgy of mockery of *unt and the slobbering masses will focus on that while, behind the scenes, the corporations that paid for the Tories’ election victory so they could cash in on privatised health service contracts get quietly on with doing precisely what they want to do.

There’s stuff going on in this country that would have its perpetrators in prison if the population had the tiniest shred of fight or sense left in them after being made to pillory fall-guys like *unt. For example, GlaxoSmithKline. For example, the lying liar Iain Duncan Smith, who is pursuing the sick and disabled for their bedroom tax.

And they’re not the only guilty ones. For example, the officials going around enforcing the cowardly bullying dreamed up at the Department for Work and Pensions to save a few pathetic quid.

Brother Badger had to fill in a form for his disabled brother this week. The form demanded to know why our Brother’s brother couldn’t work, but as our Brother’s brother, who is a lovely man, has brain damage and can’t read, he would have found the task a little tricky. It’s disgusting that decent people are being frightened and harried in this way – and disgusting that we let them get away with it.

Once, people in this country stood up against bullying. No more, apparently: we are too busy only following orders.

I saw a reTweet last week in which people who worked in the NHS human resources – for fuck’s sake, human resources – department said they would find it difficult and painful to enforce contracts on their friends, the junior doctors.

Well, don’t do it then: grow a pair and fight with the doctors, you spineless bastards. Do what the good Captain Kay and I used to do when ordered to do tabloid press things we found immoral: tell them to stick their orders up their arse. Show some courage. Join a union. Fight the wrong. Don’t fucking whine about it being painful.

There is a precedent here: in the 80s, the  southern English became so crazed by their gluttony and greed they simpered and slobbered while the evil bitch sold the country down the river, and we’re paying for it to this day. It’s happening again: what do you think your children are going to say about you allowing the Tories to bully disabled people? Bankrupt the health service? Commit us to buying dodgy nuclear power at inflated rates from the Chinese?

I hope they’ll be as enraged as I am today about the way people are so casually throwing away rights that were so very hard won, the way people are standing by while DWP officials hector the sick, standing by while the poor are forced from their homes for daring to have a spare room. I hope they’ll be disgusted at the generation that stood by while the family silver was pilfered and the weak beaten.



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